Display Panels By Any Other Name

Aug 19, 2021 landscape

Display panels may be termed "flat-screens", which in the technical sense means screens with flat, front surfaces and which encompass an increasing number of electronic visual display technologies. These types of flat displays are usually divided into two technological categories; volatile and static. They are significantly lighter in weight and thinner than the traditional video displays and still available as television sets that use "CRT's" or cathode tubes. There were "CRT's" designed with a front, flat surface and were advertised as "flat screen" which could be a cause of some confusion.

The General Electric Corporation presented the first proposal for a flat screen television, which directly resulted from its involvement with work related, to monitors for radar applications. The publication of their findings contributed towards the basis for future products. However, General Electric did not pursue the research and development needed and they did not produce a working model at that specific time.

From 1964 and onwards

Various reports show that the first example of a flat display panelwas invented at the University of Illinois in 1964. In the fast moving world of today, any disadvantages perceived in the display of the product, are compensated for, by the advantages provided by portability and convenience. This especially applies to mobile phones, laptop computers and notebooks, digital cameras and many more highly used products. Most modern displays utilize LCD technologies, with most screens "back-lit" to make them more visually friendly in bright environments. The products are designed to improve linearity and with an increased resolution.

When exhibiting at a trade show for example, the overall image of a company, irrespective of its size or reputation, is portrayed in any designed visual impacting media. The effectiveness of a presentation by a displayneeds to be extremely powerful and enough to produce a strong and lasting impression on the viewer. The communication of your message must create awareness almost immediately to attract the attention of any potential prospect.

Displays and their possibilities

Various researches have shown that the attention of someone viewing a panel display will be attracted by colour, brightness and large print. For this criterion, they mustpresent a wide and varied range of possibilities in portraying the advantages and benefits of your company. Presentations with double-sided graphics display panelsoffer greater versatility, with a variety in colours and design styles, on either side of the units. They are accordingly, able to make a presentation to different targeted audiences.

Some models allow for interchangeable graphic displays by attachment with Velcro or the other means of attaching visual materials. Posters or fabric accessories used on the panel may be rolled for easy conveyance. Fold-up options are available in various shapes, sizes, price ranges and graphic details. Designs are in rectangular form, rounded and flexible for as custom design.

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