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Facts About Cape Coral

For entrepreneurs, the city of Cape Coral is the home of more than 6,000 businesses, including manufacturers who sell their products to customers all over the world.

As of March 2009, the ESRI stated that the median household income is $56,051 and the median age is only 43. About 57% of the population is of working age (18-65 years). 87% of the workforce has at least a high school diploma.

As far as the cultural assets of the city, it is worth mentioning The Art Studio, The Cultural Park Theatre, the Cape Coral Art League as well as the The Historical Museum. In addition to all these, the city holds yearly Independence Day fireworks known as Red, White and Boom.

Since 1985, the German American club conducts a yearly Oktoberfest, based on original German model. Also, the Cape Coral Festival of Arts is an annual feature in the second weekend of January and draws 100,000 visitors.

Regarding the real estate market , Cape Coral is the home of many foreclosed properties as the foreclosure rates rose steeply in the last decade, making the city achieve a ranking number 3 out of 25 as far as the highest closure rates are concerned, in 2009. These foreclosure rates have brought down the values of the home drastically. For example, last year, a new house could be purchased for less than $80,000.

In addition, the state of Florida also gives significant incentives to first time buyers like discounted down payments, low interest loans and tax credit abatement.

Taking all of the above into consideration, Cape Coral has become one of the most attractive cities in the United States, both for regular citizens as well as for business entrepreneurs that want to start a new business on a growing market with skilled employees.

It goes to show that even in a world affected by the global economy, there still are a few examples like Cape Coral, Florida that are doing very well during these difficult times.

Display Panels By Any Other Name

Display panels may be termed "flat-screens", which in the technical sense means screens with flat, front surfaces and which encompass an increasing number of electronic visual display technologies. These types of flat displays are usually divided into two technological categories; volatile and static. They are significantly lighter in weight and thinner than the traditional video displays and still available as television sets that use "CRT's" or cathode tubes. There were "CRT's" designed with a front, flat surface and were advertised as "flat screen" which could be a cause of some confusion.

The General Electric Corporation presented the first proposal for a flat screen television, which directly resulted from its involvement with work related, to monitors for radar applications. The publication of their findings contributed towards the basis for future products. However, General Electric did not pursue the research and development needed and they did not produce a working model at that specific time.

From 1964 and onwards

Various reports show that the first example of a flat display panelwas invented at the University of Illinois in 1964. In the fast moving world of today, any disadvantages perceived in the display of the product, are compensated for, by the advantages provided by portability and convenience. This especially applies to mobile phones, laptop computers and notebooks, digital cameras and many more highly used products. Most modern displays utilize LCD technologies, with most screens "back-lit" to make them more visually friendly in bright environments. The products are designed to improve linearity and with an increased resolution.

When exhibiting at a trade show for example, the overall image of a company, irrespective of its size or reputation, is portrayed in any designed visual impacting media. The effectiveness of a presentation by a displayneeds to be extremely powerful and enough to produce a strong and lasting impression on the viewer. The communication of your message must create awareness almost immediately to attract the attention of any potential prospect.

Displays and their possibilities

Various researches have shown that the attention of someone viewing a panel display will be attracted by colour, brightness and large print. For this criterion, they mustpresent a wide and varied range of possibilities in portraying the advantages and benefits of your company. Presentations with double-sided graphics display panelsoffer greater versatility, with a variety in colours and design styles, on either side of the units. They are accordingly, able to make a presentation to different targeted audiences.

Some models allow for interchangeable graphic displays by attachment with Velcro or the other means of attaching visual materials. Posters or fabric accessories used on the panel may be rolled for easy conveyance. Fold-up options are available in various shapes, sizes, price ranges and graphic details. Designs are in rectangular form, rounded and flexible for as custom design.

Land For Sale Deal With Developers Turns Sour

A farmer from Kilmarnock says that his family has been left devastated by a land deal with developers that has seen them lose their 27 million worth of land for just 350,000. Farmer Jamie McFadzean said that his father had even suffered a heart attack due to the fact that he realised that he had simply signed away the family fortune. It resulted in Mr McFadzean staging a sit-in protest at East Ayrshire Council chambers.

It all came about as George, the dad, agreed a contract in 2001 that would eventually see the 90 acre Northcraig Farm transfer in ownership to developers Hallam land Management for just 350,000. The land has been in the family since 1926. However in todays current value of Kilmarnock, land for sale reaches around 300,000 per acre.

Jamie's argument is that his dad had agreed an initial 350,000 from the developers but on the understanding that further payments of substantial amounts would be made when house building commenced on the land. The land itself is situated next to the Southcraigs estate. According to Jamie another factor is that his 68 year old father was told by the developers that if work had not commenced within seven years then the deal was off and ownership would once again be in the hands of the family. However the exact opposite of this seems to have occurred.

He told the Kilmarnock Standard newspaper "My parents' lives have been ruined by this. My Mum and Dad used to be happy people but not any more. The only reason my dad agreed to the deal was because he was assured that if nothing happened with the land-and as a consequence he didn't get any extra payments-then at least it would return to our family. Instead, nothing happened, no extra payment was ever made and ownership after seven years remained with Hallam Land Management. When my dad discovered this was the case he collapsed with a heart attack-that's how badly it has affected our family. We all live here and my dad and brother, David, still farm the land. It's our lives and we're seeing it being taken away for a pittance."

Now, nine years on from signing the contract, the family face eviction from their home as HLM intend to now build at Northcraig. They intend to build 500 new homes on the farm site and are just about to submit their planning application to the local authority.

Jamie is now seeking legal advice about the original contract signed by his dad and the original lawyer, who is now the sheriff of a court in Ayrshire. Jamie has revealed that just before he signed with HLM, McLean Homes offered 11million for the whole site and the deal was concrete. But his dad asked his lawyers advice and together thought that HLM's deal was better, this was all based on the clawback option after seven years. Jamie said that he can justify his dad's reluctance to sign the deal with HLM the day before with paperwork that he has in his ownership. Although HLM declined to offer a comment to the Kilmarnock Standard newspaper in response to Jamie's claims, there is no suggestion that any parties involved acted unlawfully in this land for sale case.